HUD (heads-up display) Prototype V1

After a year of relentless work and countless man hours; our first prototype was assembled on Thursday. This is what it looks like as a 3D model and in photos of the actual product. We are now printing another back plate with helmet mount (as shown in 3D model). Also shown is a calibration image as seen through the transparent display. As you can see the image is clear at infinite focus (therefore the outline of the waveguide is blurred / out of focus). We still have more work to do around display engine brightness, ambient light and colour saturation.


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V1 was built from off the shelf components, the next prototype that we make V2 will be made using bespoke components which will address some of the issues described above, enable size reduction and allow for a more organic shape.


US Market Entry: CES Jan 2017

The funding we raise through Demo Day will allow us to progress with HUD V2 prototype development; we intend to debut at CES in early Jan 2017 at the worlds’ premier Consumer Electronic Show at Las Vegas, USA.


Accomplishments Week 12 (GBUR)


  • HUD V1 Prototype built for the 1st time!
  • Had discussions around valuations within the team, with Lead Mentor Ken and LL’s Jeff – we have a consensus on the number!
  • Pitch deck is getting better.


  • 12 days to Demo Day have to practise the pitch.
  • Financial Model & Due Diligence WIP


  • 12 days to Demo day have to practise the pitch. Yes again – this is not a typo!


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Introducing US Market Advisor: Angus Norton


We welcome Angus Norton as our US Market Advisor; a passionate motorcyclist who has been working in hi-tech for almost 25 years. He started his career in consumer electronics where he cut his teeth in product management and business development with Sony, before moving to Microsoft where he spent 16 years in Seattle at Microsoft’s HQ in a number of executive positions including Vice President of product management for Office 365 and General Manager of product management for Microsoft entry in the Search business with the development of Bing. Angus returned to his native home of NZ 2 years ago, and spent the last 2 years as Chief Product Officer for Xero. His team was responsible for product management, engineering and design for Xero’s global product. Recently Angus stepped down from Xero to pursue his business interests in the US and spends his time between his home in Auckland and his home in Seattle where he is involved in a number of startup’s of all sizes.





To focus on Demo Day requirements I will now be taking a short break from writing newsletters and will return with updates after DD.


Kal Gwalani, CEO

mango teQ Limited

CEO & Founder