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Leisure Motorcycling: In the developed countries of North America (USA & Canada), Europe, Oceania (Australia & NZ); motorcycles are predominantly a leisure pursuit. Our primary research in NZ reveals that 74% of riders are leisure motorcyclists with crossover of several commuters from the remaining 24% into the leisure segment as they use their bikes on weekend road trips.

This segment consists mainly of long term or returning male bikers; the baby boomers. However, women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond are learning to ride. In the USA alone, nearly 25% of riders are female. “Due to the generation’s size and wide variety of interests, baby boomers’ desires to offset the aging process has created opportunities for lenders, investors, entrepreneurs and others in a wide variety of industries, from online dating to motorcycle manufacturing” Baby Boomers represent an attractive customer market for motorcycles and boats as they have high levels of disposable income and leisure time; and these purchases may represent lifelong goals.

Registrations: Post GFC, motorcycle registrations are on the rise in most target markets. In NZ 2013, motorcycles over 60cc have increased 19.5% compared to 1.35% in 2012. In Australia, motorcycles experienced the largest growth rate of all vehicles: 25% over the five years between 2009 and 2014.

Casualties: In NZ, 39% of all casualties and 66% of all deaths, are riders of large motorcycles (above 500cc). Although the 38 casualties in 2013 represent only 15% of the road toll, there is a significant 1,113 rider injuries over the same period. US 2013 statistics are sobering: 4,668 people died in motorcycle crashes and 88,000 were injured. Between 2004 and 2013, fatalities amongst the 40 plus age group increased 39% compared to 16% for all ages (Motorcycle crash facts, 2014).

Smart Eyewear & Wearables

HUD: Made famous by Google glass, the heads-up display is capturing attention due to its ability to display information at eye level allowing users to access information easily and without looking away. Market research predicts this market will be worth $8.3 billion by 2020 (HUD market).

Wearables: Gartner reports, worldwide wearable devices sales to grow 18.4 percent in 2016; with the majority of revenue driven by sales of smartwatches. “Sales of wearable electronic devices will generate revenue of $28.7 billion in 2016. Of that, $11.5 billion will be from smartwatches” (Gartner).

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is emerging as the next technology mega trend. By connecting to the Internet billions of everyday devices – ranging from fitness bracelets to industrial equipment –  the IoT merges the physical and online worlds, opening up a host of new opportunities and challenges for companies, governments and consumers .




Highlights from the previous week(s) both in and out of the Lab


Sat 16th April: Ride with Mentors

For several days leading upto Saturday 16th we were eagerly scanning Metservice for a break in the gloomy forecast. On Friday the forecast brightened up and we firmed up our plans for the next morning ride to Maraetai with mentors Ken Erskine and Frayne Cooke. Six bikes in all; Ken on his Ducati Multistrada, Frayne on his HOG softail, Frayne’s two mates from SA on their HOGs (Sportster & Fatboy), Gary on his pocket rocket Kawasaki Ninja and yours truly on a modern classic the ’84 Honda V45 Interceptor. Jens and Simon were our camera and laptop crew who met us at Maraetai for our photo shoot and 1 to 1 interviews.

Here is a short video clip of us guys having a blast of a time …

Post ride, the Reyedr team stopped at Botany Town Centre for our bi-weekly team meeting. Then I spied two bikers at the pub and took the opportunity to strike up a conversation so that I could get Simon and Gary to interview them!

Here are Simon and Gary conducting the interview at the pub …




Wednesday 20th April: HOG Heaven

Frayne organised a meeting with Ken and me with the top brass at Auckland Harley Davidson. An eye opener for yours truly, as this was a first visit to their new Mt. Wellington showroom. For the uninitiated, imagine a showroom full of 35 or so Harleys; these bikes are ‘loud’ whether standing still in all their blinged out glory or on the move, with the distinctive rumble of the v-twin’s potato-potato-potato sound!

The boys at Harley were very enthusiastic about the REYEDR HUD & App and have volunteered to test our products during development. I was really pleased that Frayne could connect me to Ray and Chris as this could lead to a distribution arrangement in future (for the NZ market).

Thursday 21st April: Yamaha; MPs and Angels – all in a days work!

Next morning I’m catching up with Frayne again, this time at an Ellerslie cafe for a 1 on 1 interview with his mate, Chris Eeles; the soon to be Yamaha National Sales & Mktg Manager. Chris is a powersports fan and loves racing whether it is jetboats and more recently, racing motorcycles on track.

In the afternoon, Microsoft hosted lunch with the LL teams pitching to several Members of Parliament. I soon found out that David Clendon MP is a passionate motorcyclist as well; who rides both British and Japanese motorcycles – a Triumph and Suzuki.

Later that day, the Lab was turned into an auditorium in preparation of the Angel Investor Evening; where all teams pitched again and networked with Investors. We also had the opportunity to view three Series A round pitches to the Angel Investors.

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Grab life by the handlebars!

Product Developer & Digital Marketing / Co-Founder

Team Profile: Gareth Klapproth Product Developer & Digital Marketing | Co-founder

I’m a creative solutionist that is always thinking outside the box! I would consider myself as being a multidisciplinary sponge that loves to learn and grow my skill sets. I have a background in Visual Arts and Design and have also completed a Degree in Creative Technologies specialising in Mechatronics. In my degree, I met Simon who would also be my flat mate and co-founder. With our time together, Simon and I focused on becoming young aspiring entrepreneurs that had a passion for new emerging technology. As a team we completed many projects one of which was a head-up display; this is where we met our CEO Kal who was interested in our project and suggested we worked together.

After graduation I had a brewing passion for online advertising and social media marketing. I ended up scoring an internship at an e-commerce company called Buddybid which specialise in social media marketing. Working my way up, I progressed to becoming a campaign manager that works with of high profile clients and their brands to enable additional revenue streams through social media.

Riding is something I live for, I ride everyday and the thought creating something for riders that will not only enhance our experience but also make it safer puts a big smile on my face! Ride safe everyone!



Before I sign off for the long weekend; a big thank you to our Mentors both on the Advisory Board and Specialist Mentors who selflessly share their knowledge, networks and precious time with us. Equally, as we reach the midpoint of our journey at the Lab, a note of thanks to the Lightning Lab team who provide valuable support to us on our entrepreneurial journeys. We at Team REYEDR are really fortunate to have met you all.



Kal Gwalani, CEO

mango teQ Limited

CEO & Founder