Another busy (and productive) week at the Lab for Team Reyedr. We have bench tested the HUD; Simon and Gary are now 3D printing housings to test and prepare V1 HUD prototype for Demo Day. Jens is full steam ahead with software development and fixing bugs in the App. We intend to have MVP2 App with navigation and group ride planner ready by 27th May for testing by Ray Pratt and his team at Auckland Harley Davidson.

I’m busy with the Financial Model and improving the Pitch with input from various sources: Lab team, Pam Ward from Spark Ventures and the alumni to whom we pitched yesterday. Amidst this we are also deciding the UX experience for our booth, for Demo Day!

And here is Gary & Simon’s creation; our new Product Video …


IP Strategy

In a previous newsletter, I touched upon how our IP strategy will reinforce our unfair advantage. The initial FTO search through our patent attorney doesn’t show any problems. We are now filing a second provisional patent application. Our Secret Sauce will be revealed on Demo Day!

Exit Strategy

We are in the early stages of an ambitious IoT/AI play; the intention is that along with the Reyedr social community platform this will create a more sustainable business which will increase valuation at exit.

Potential acquirers could be from any of these sectors:

  • Motorcycle Helmet / Accessory manufacturers
  • AR / VR device manufacturers
  • Smart Device manufacturers
  • AI companies
  • Media companies
  • Motorcycle manufacturers

This infographic highlights companies that are active in these domains.



Potential Acquirers


Accomplishments Week 11 (GBUR)


  • Sorted FTO, did not reveal any problems or roadblocks.
  • Good progress with App UI design (thanks to Jonny Lim, Specialist Mentor) and implementation this week.
  • Pitch deck is getting better -condensing down from 15 minutes to 7 minutes.
  • Feedback for new video is great!
  • V1 HUD prototyping started with first 3D print sample to test dimensions


  • Fitting pitch into 7 minutes is quite a challenge; have to explain so much but will have to cut a lot out.


  • Have to finish App with features supposed to be released October by end next week.


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