To make smart eyewear solutions that empower users by delivering timely and useful task related information.


Our competitive analysis covered Motorcycle HUDs, Navigation Apps and MotoNav Apps. The Table below presents a competitive analysis of HUDs and pricing. All of these HUDs display information by cluttering the riders field of view. In contrast, the REYEDR HUD will use a novel holographic see-through display that does not hide the road view. Worthwhile noting is that no competing product has been released yet!

As for Navigation Apps and MotoNav Apps, safety is not the main concern and none of these have been designed to be integrated with a HUD.  Only one app does offer automatic crash detection but works erratically, often triggering false SOS alerts.

The social aspect of our solution includes ride planning with navigation, tracking and routing; POI and best riding roads are shareable through social media. A feature analysis of traditional Navigation and MotoNav Apps revealed that these are fragmented hence none currently available deliver a comprehensive problem / solution fit for the leisure motorcyclist.



The several Apps on the market are designed for smartphone or gps device use only and not compatible with a motorcycle HUD. Most lack ‘group ride’ and  ‘social sharing’ functionality; the MotoNav apps that do provide this function lack other premium features such as ‘route creation’, ‘map import’ and ‘offline maps’. ‘Turn-by-turn navigation’ where available is basic.


Our competitive advantage will be developed through a strategic combination of product leadership, operational excellence and customer intimacy supported by patent for the HUD.

We aim to develop a product leadership position by offering a fully-fledged motorcycle solution that will transform the ride experience. Our innovative solution with the REYEDR HUD at the core, underpinned by our REYEDR APP will provide greater value in use. Customers will be drawn to the safer and smarter ride experience.

We will also support an open IoT eco-system where sensors will connect wirelessly to the smartphone. Data collected will be processed by our App on the smartphone; to provide a more detailed view of the ride, displayed via the HUD. Sensors’ data will be used to improve safety (warning the user when a tyre is losing pressure, for example) and provide more detailed information in case of an emergency. By permitting access through the API of our IoT platform, we will encourage manufacturers of wearables and smart sensors to provide an increasing number of innovative solutions for our subscribers which will enhance the network effect.

Users can customise their viewing preferences on the HUD through the App’s intuitive UI on their smartphone. When biking, feature selection by voice command and gesture control are supported. This UI experience will define the operational excellence of our platform.

Customer intimacy though not typically associated with digital platforms, will play an important part. Customer engagement and feedback; user driven innovation with co-creation of value through crowdsourcing of routes and POI are essential for successful development of our solution. Our philosophy of delighting the customer, will be a common theme through all the touchpoints; when customers interact with our products or the firm.

Our IP strategy will reinforce our unfair advantage, as we expect to patent the design of HUD, its safety features and interactions with the App and other sensors.

To ensure competitiveness it will be necessary to constantly innovate both the hardware and software platform. The HUD system will be updated both through customer validation and as new and better technology solutions become available whereas our App will follow the path of continuous improvement based on customer feedback.


Product roadmap


Product development will be staged to ensure features are validated before release. MVP2 software with HUD prototype will be ready by demo day on June 9th. MSP1 software will be ready to debut 1/10/16 at the start of NZ / Aus biking season. HUD product development will commence post demo day; with MSP1 HUD expected to release in April 2017. Then software development of augmented and IoT features will commence.

What we have achieved during LL 2016 Week 5

  1. Customer interviews and surveys are ramping up. It is heartening to see that we have bikers visiting us at LL from as far as Hamilton for the interview and to sign up to RAG (Reyedr Advisory Group) for product validation and testing.
  2. We have been working with several specialist mentors for Interview Script, Personas, Software UI, Hardware UX experience. Some of the insights that we received are invaluable.
  3. Attended the Ulysses ride club AGM on 7th April to find more people to interview; see the club ‘Sheriff’ posted in our Twitter feed.
  4. Breaking news – Jens has successfully converted a grumpy troll from one of our Survey posts (in a forum), into a beta tester!

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